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Croix Maron Cognac

A fine and elegant selection of  premium cognacs created in Segonzac. As their chosen brand ambassador, I am proud to present to you their latest range available to purchase.

Croix Maron

A history of passion...

A passion that has filled generations of winemakers, distillers, cellar masters who cultivated these recipes for centuries. Cognacs of the CROIX MARON are artisanal Cognacs worked with passion from the development of each vine until the capping of each bottle.

Established in Segonzac, in the very heart of the Cognac appellation, CROIX MARON Cognacs are characterised by the expression of their land of origin: Grande Champagne, Premier Cru de Cognac, renowned for the quality of its cognacs. CROIX MARON Cognacs are a human-sized structure backed by a family estate with a dedication for handmade products and a rare attention to quality.

Abou Croix Maron

Discover the collection...


 Young and full of vigor, it remains both smooth and powerful.

Intense aromas of vine flowers
and citrus. Fruity and floral Cognac
with slight woody notes

Tasting suggestions: In a cocktail or long drink.


A VSOP that illustrates the uniqueness and smoothness of the grande Champagne, full of nuance and delicacy.

Floral nose of rose and violet.
Melted with harmonious hints of prune,
almond and caramel mingled with spice
and vanilla.

Tasting suggestions: In a cocktail, on the rocks, frosted or simply neat (between 20 °and 25 °)


Opulent and elegant.​ XO is the result of a unique know-how and long maturation. It is the exceptional terroir and richness of age that produces this Grande Champagne.

A bouquet that harmoniously blends the finesse of dried flowers, iris and lilac with the warmth of candied fruit, marmalade and crème brulée. A spicy sweetness that reveals woody aromas of toasted oak.

Tasting suggestions: Enjoy on its own (between 20 ° and 25 °), with coffee or chocolate dessert

About the collection

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