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Staple Pieces Every Male Model Should Have In Their Wardrobe

It has been a long time since you read my last blog post and it has been a crazy year with the lockdown bringing some unexpected situations. However, I am back to open up about more details regarding my lifestyle and daily activities. In this post, I would like to share with you the staple pieces that I recommend for every male model to own in his wardrobe. I have experienced many occasions in my career as a model when I have needed to adapt to different scenarios. As you can see from my Instagram, I am spicing up my outfits with some colourful pieces, however, as a model you should own casual clothing suitable for many events.

Starting with a dark wash classic pair of jeans. They match with almost every shirt in my wardrobe and they are very easy to style. Sometimes, when I am in a rush for photoshoots and I just grab the one piece that will always look good and non-committal. These jeans are such a flexible piece of clothing: you can wear them for shoots, meetings, interviews or even social events.

Another essential in my wardrobe is the white and black t-shirt. There is no need for a logo and you will always look fresh and prepared for the occasion. It is quite minimal, however, on the shooting day, you cannot compromise yourself wearing other brands’ labels.

My job requires going to meetings with partners and clients. Every male model should look presentable and professional. The white or black classic collar cotton shirt is a “Never Go Wrong” option. It can be paired with jeans and casual shoes and you will be ready to go.

The blazers and co-ord suits are my signature clothing pieces for formal events. I love playing with colour and expose my personality through fashion. Like I said in my latest interview for The Dapper Villains podcast “When I am dressed casually, I do not get noticed on the streets…by wearing a suit my profile goes up.” A blazer can be worn with jeans for casual dress codes or with trousers, a shirt, and a tie for press events and meetings.

If you are a model, don’t forget to take a hoodie with you for photoshoots. In one of my previous posts Modelling 101: How to Handle Modelling in Uncomfortable Situations | Natwest Photoshoot, I mentioned that sometimes you cannot expect every circumstance on the day of the photoshoot. Weather conditions can affect your performance and you have to be prepared for that! Hoodies can save you from getting wet on rainy days.

These 5 clothing pieces are a must-have for those who have a similar lifestyle as mine and want to put a quick look together without having to put in too much effort.


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